How to bulk check domain authority of domains online?

Domain authority bulk check tools aren’t abundant as most of the tools either don’t work properly or they are paid. We have found this bulk domain authority checking tool that allows you to check up to 5,000 domains. This limit is really really huge. You can export the checked domains to a CSV file as well. Here are the complete features of this amazing yet free DA & PA checker tool.


  • Utilizes the official Moz API
  • Data is really reliable
  • Very fast check – takes just a few seconds to check all 5,000 domains
  • Searchable table – search and sort records based on their stats
  • Export feature – export the checked domains to a CSV file

These features make DomChimp’s tool one of the most complete tools available to check Moz domain authority, sam score and page authority.

If you don’t know what domain authority and page authority is, you can consult this article to lear more about the domain authority. We hope that this free online domain authority checker tool will help you in completing your SEO campaigns more successfully.

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