Spring Time is Pest Control Time

Would you want any type of pest running through your home? I should think not. Spring time presents pest problems for many homeowners. Therefore,Spring Time is Pest Control Time Articles you will definitely want to implement pest control measures when the weather starts warming up.


Make sure you never leave any leftover food lying around your kitchen. Even the smallest crumb will attract rodents, ants, and other creatures. Make it a habit to sweep up your kitchen on a daily basis if you can. Frequent vacuuming around your home is also very important for ensuring pests are not attracted to the debris.

Pests will obviously need to find some way into your home. Unfortunately Exterminators for homeowners, there are many possible entrance points they can use. Take a walk around your home and look for areas that are structurally degraded.

These areas include things such as rotting wood and cracks in your foundation. If you notice any of these problems, then you should get it fixed immediately. The quicker you seal up cracks, the sooner you can stop worrying so much about pests.

As far as pest control is concerned, it is vital to keep excessive amounts of moisture around your home at bay. All types of pests require moisture in order to survive. If you have standing water around your foundation, it will not only cause damage to it, but will also attract pests. Increased levels of humidity in rooms in your home will also attract pests, so you may need to invest in a dehumidifier.

During the spring, most homeowners start cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, and other lawn maintenance tasks. Always keep your yard as clean as possible so pests do not setup nests or other forms of shelter.

Things like dead plants, overgrown shrubs, fallen fruit and foliage can all attract pests. Also, do not have any containers lying around in your yard if they are not needed. Whenever it rains, water will collect in the containers and start attracting pests.

Attics and basements are common areas for pests to sleep undisturbed. If you use these areas to store old boxes, then it will really make nice hiding places for them. Keep your storage spaces tidy and do your best to limit the amount of dust that accumulates inside them.

You may think that bed bugs have gone away, but they are making a dramatic return. Keep an eye on your bedding, mattresses, and box springs to ensure they have not already begun an infestation